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Right libertarian, C# Microsoft MVP for 10 years, founder, Entrepreneur, father of autistic son
 I am a former Microsoft C# .NET MVP (Most Valuable Professional) , author, and UnEducator based in the Orlando Florida area. I write mostly about .NET. I'm an ex-jazz musician and stockbroker and a right-libertarian who dreams of being a philanthropist and paying less in taxes. I believe in the US Constitution and free-market economic theories. I'm also a "climate realist" and believe in good science, which is never "settled".
As a computer programmer with over 25 years of hands-on experience in designing and developing large-scale enterprise applications, I am an expert at solving business problems.
Research in microeconomics has given me an avid interest in the study of economic and climate change trends and the design of computer algorithms to process historical data sets utilizing neural networks.
I'm a long time Mensa member. My favorite quotation is:
 "Wrong is Right" -- Thelonius Monk.
I tend to be *skeptical of everything*, and believe that is a healthy way to approach ideas.
Bragging rights
Co-Founder and Chief Geek at since 2000. I once peed on the Pentagon wall, when I was younger and didn't know any better. They say you become conservative once you have something to conserve.