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How to Keep Your Hard Drive Clean and Mean

14. October 2013 13:11 by admin in
A Couple of recommendatations: 1) Temp File Cleaner by OldTimer TFC (Temp File Cleaner) will clear out all temp folders for all user accounts (temp, IE temp, java, FF, Opera, Chrome, Safari), including Administrator, All Users, LocalService, NetworkService, and any other accounts in the user folder. It also cleans out the %systemroot%\temp folder and checks for .tmp files in the %systemdrive% root folder, %systemroot%, and the system32 folder (both 32bit and 64bit on 64bit OSs). It shows the amount removed for each location found (in bytes) and the total removed (in MB). Before running it will stop Explorer and all other running apps. When finished, if a reboot is required the user must reboot to finish clearing any in-use temp files. Get it here: (Crap Cleaner): CCleaner is the number-one tool for cleaning your Windows PC. It protects your privacy online and makes your computer faster and more secure. Easy to use and a small, fast download. Download here:

A Fix for Chrome in Windows 8

13. October 2013 10:14 by admin in CHROME, WINDOWS 8

Installed chrome on Windows 8.
Chose chrome as the default browser.
After this chrome opens itself as a Win 8 app. This is the last time it will do so.

Clicking the Chrome tile on the start screen does nothing.
Clicking a link that should go to the web in the metro interface does nothing.

Only by left clicking the shortcut in desktop mode and right clicking "new window" OR by left clicking the shortcut in desktop mode and left clicking Google Chrome and right clicking "run as administrator" can I open chrome at all.


To fix this issue you have to delete a couple of things from the registry:

HKLM\Software\Classes\ChromeHTML\open\command\DelegateExecute  <—delete theDelegateExecute entry
HKLM\Software\Classes\Chrome <—delete this entire key


That should do it!

Convert ASCII to Hexadecimal and Hexadecimal to ASCII

6. August 2013 08:12 by admin in CONVERSION, C#, General


Here a couple of utility methods in C# to make ASCII to Hexadecimal conversions.

 public string HexToAscii( string hex)
string res = String.Empty ;for (int a = 0; a <hex.Length ; a = a + 2)
string CharToConvert = hex.Substring(a, 2);int n = Convert.ToInt32(CharToConvert, 16);char c = (char)n;
res += c.ToString();
return res;
public string AsciiToHex(string ascii)
StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();byte[] inputBytes = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(ascii);foreach (byte b in inputBytes)
sb.Append(string.Format("{0:x2}", b));
return sb.ToString();