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A Fix for Chrome in Windows 8

13. October 2013 10:14 by admin in CHROME, WINDOWS 8

Installed chrome on Windows 8.
Chose chrome as the default browser.
After this chrome opens itself as a Win 8 app. This is the last time it will do so.

Clicking the Chrome tile on the start screen does nothing.
Clicking a link that should go to the web in the metro interface does nothing.

Only by left clicking the shortcut in desktop mode and right clicking "new window" OR by left clicking the shortcut in desktop mode and left clicking Google Chrome and right clicking "run as administrator" can I open chrome at all.


To fix this issue you have to delete a couple of things from the registry:

HKLM\Software\Classes\ChromeHTML\open\command\DelegateExecute  <—delete theDelegateExecute entry
HKLM\Software\Classes\Chrome <—delete this entire key


That should do it!